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EPatriotCRM provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing services to address your end-to-end recruitment outsourcing needs. Outsourcing recruiting activities to EPatriotCRM Inc enables you to significantly increase the effectiveness of your recruiting organization, while dramatically reducing your recruiting costs. Our strong client-focused approach enables us to provide comprehensive recruitment outsourcing services.

What we offer

  • Active Sourcing: – Search job boards and your internal database to identify appropriate ‘Active Candidates’.
  • Passive Sourcing: – Identity ‘Passive Candidates’ and create a    database of candidates.
  • Resume Filtering: – Filter incoming resumes generated from postings on job boards, job fairs, traditional media, and agencies.
  • Name Generation: – Identify and source passive candidates from well defined lists of targeted companies.
  • Candidate Screening: – Conduct preliminary screening to determine qualifications, interest, availability, and fit.
  • Candidate Assessment: -Manage job postings; resume formatting,    reference checks, and position parameters.
  • Recruitment Support : -Administer technical, aptitude and    psychometric tests.
  • Database Maintenance: -Validate and update candidate information in your internal database.
  • Day & Night Support: -We Work 24X7 to have qualified resumes    sourced and ready for your recruiting team to work on same day


• Offering a much higher level of customer service by freeing up more of a Recruiters time enabling them to focus on interaction with candidates and hiring managers.
• tapping into EPatriotCRM Innovative resources and tools resulting in an increase in your candidate sourcing capabilities.
• Augment your customer handling capacity thereby increasing the clientele and hence increasing revenue.
• Reduction of more than 60%-70% in costs of researchers and the cost of infrastructure and other overheads
• Manage spurts and troughs in business more economically and efficiently without building up permanent overheads.
• Provide a virtual 24×7 service to clients taking advantage of time zones.