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Advantages of WordPress

WordPress has been 2003 and best and popular blogging software nowadays. Over the last few years, WordPress become most popular CMS for non-blogging websites. WordPress has a lot of advantages why you might to use for your website.


WordPress easy to use and operate. You can make a website without knowledge of HTML. You can add pages, blog posts, images and content very easily. Because of WordPress so simple and provide design formatting which reduces the HTML writing code.
You can manage your website from anywhere in the world.
WordPress provides a variety of themes to give an attractive look to your website and most of are free.
WordPress provide thousands of plugins to customize website of your requirement. You have to just download them and install it on your website.
WordPress is very helpful to your website to search in google with search engine optimization feature. With SEO you can add meta keywords, descriptions to a page, post an image individually to be optimized in a search engine.
WordPress also not required any specific editor to write code for it.
No need of a designer to make a simple update on your website, with the control of WordPress you can easily make those changes yourself.
E-commerce also available on WordPress. Building e-commerce based website on WordPress is easier and cost effective.
WordPress provides built-in features like RSS feed, commenting functionality and email subscription are easy to setup and use to search your website.
WordPress also mobile friendly. You can make websites or app for mobile easily.
WordPress is very easy to learn and understand comparing Joomla and Drupal.

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